For me, fashion is a great outlet for self-expression. I love that trends and styles are constantly changing as it allows me to experiment with different looks I wouldn’t normally try. So many events in our lives drive what we wear and how we wear it. Whether you’re at work, staying home with the kids, or attending an upscale dinner party, different settings more often than not, require different outfits.

If you saw the mid-season finale last night then you would have seen the finished house on Marguerite. I was so happy to get this completed and I am very proud of the finished product. It was a team effort, and we managed to produce a beautiful and functional house for a lucky family. Here are some select images of the finished article. Enjoy!

Ninety-nine years ago last month, a statue in Brantford Memorial Park was unveiled to the public. The sculpture was commissioned to commemorate the invention of the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell. The breathtaking Bell Telephone Memorial was the winning submission of Walter Seymour Allward, one of Canada’s most revered sculptors.

Later this evening, the 45th president will be elected into office. Arguably one of the more controversial elections in America’s history, there has been an immense amount of news coverage regarding this year’s election. From Twitter rants to scandalous debates, a lot of focus has been put on the character traits of the nominees. Whether it is the candidates’ outspokenness, questionable political platforms and litigious campaign, this election has sparked outrage among many Americans across the United States.

I hope that everyone enjoyed last night’s episode of Bryan Inc. It’s always fun when Paul Rhynold from RK Electric is on site. The banter is free-flowing! The work he does is always very professional and as you can see he is very flexible, and although we have a lot of fun, electrical work is certainly no joke. I reached out to Paul to ask him a few questions about the importance of carrying out electrical work in your home.

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