Bryan Inc. Ep. 10 - Adam and Omar

Sarah Baeumler January 25, 2017 16 Comments

With filming schedules, children's schedules, office meetings, and the forever 'dinging' of an email arrival, work can be somewhat of a distraction. The continuous rush and the constant blitz of the working day can often fog my perspective. It can take something out of the extraordinary that swiftly clears the mist and immediately provides a humbling context. One of these moments came along during the filming of Bryan Inc.

One of our good friends recently ran into a young fan named Adam. Adam is living with muscular dystrophy and has a tough time navigating around his grandparent’s home, who take care of both Adam and his younger brother, Omar. Bryan was advised that Adam is a faithful viewer of Bryan Inc. and that a visit from my husband would be a huge surprise.

I am a firm believer that the love a parent has for their children is like no other. As parents, there is nothing Bryan and I wouldn’t do for our kids. It pains us both to think of a child living with a debilitating disease at such a young age. Due to restrictions with Adam’s wheelchair, he has been confined to living on one floor of his home.

Both Adam and Omar have raised almost $15,000.00 towards renovating their grandparent’s home in hopes of installing an elevator to make it easier for Adam to access all areas of their house. Omar came up with the idea to start a fundraiser for his brother because he saw Adam struggling to get upstairs. Having full mobility and accessibility to the house would make Adam’s life much easier, and happier.

Adam, being a huge fan of Bryan and his shows, was thrilled when Bryan showed up at their home for a quick visit. Bryan and Adam sat and chatted with Omar and their grandmother, swapped stories and explained how Omar came up with the idea to start a fundraiser for Adam. Both boys intend to continue with their efforts and help other children who face similar obstacles and are in need of home renovations.

Bryan left their house that day overwhelmed with emotion, both for the boys and their situation, and for the fact that they took the challenge head on and raised a lot of money by sheer will and determination. He was also blown away by their positivity and desire to help other children. It’s this type of character that makes both Bryan and I dumbfounded, this is how we want our children to be, to be determined, confident people with kind and caring hearts. Bryan is Adam’s hero, but for us, Adam and Omar are the heroes; they are the inspiration.

So thank you Adam and Omar for making us feel inspired and touched, we are going to do all we can to help, but more importantly we want to spread this type of bravery to people everywhere. You are both incredible!

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Comment by: Angie Romano on 3/13/2017 3:01:23 PM

What Brian did for Adam was wonderful!

Comment by: Jennifer Fyke on 3/4/2017 8:34:29 PM they are still short! Only need $30k perhaps you or some charities you know could step up.

Comment by: Finally finished on 2/1/2017 6:53:10 AM

It is about time you share your foundation's causes and concerns instead of demonstrating "the lifestyle of the rich and famous". Tired of seeing pics of your homes and extravagant vacations on your blogs and Facebook pages. Yes, we get it! You and Bryan worked very hard to get what you have. A kick start from parent's help too! No, not jealous; sad for you if this lifestyle gives you happiness, and sad for the public who live vicariously through you and your family. I'm done with the shows and the blogs and the FB page. Remember this, celebrities have a larger responsibility to influence others in a positive way and if not, the disappear real fast from the public eye. Good luck!

Comment by: JLech on 1/30/2017 9:06:11 PM

This was such a great episode. Your husband brought it home for a real family in need of a proper space to live. The boys are just adorable and are true role models.

Comment by: Toni Messenger on 1/25/2017 3:51:40 PM

This is such a beautiful story, Sarah! Thank you for sharing it!