Bryan Inc. Episode 7 - Paul the Electrician

Sarah Baeumler November 07, 2016 174 Comments

I hope that everyone enjoyed last night’s episode of Bryan Inc. It’s always fun when Paul Rhynold from RK Electric is on site. The banter is free-flowing! The work he does is always very professional and as you can see he is very flexible, and although we have a lot of fun, electrical work is certainly no joke. I reached out to Paul to ask him a few questions about the importance of carrying out electrical work in your home.

1. Why is it important to you that a homeowner employs a qualified electrician to complete electrical work in their home?

Electricity is probably the most complicated system in your home, and without proper training mistakes can be costly and dangerous. Having a qualified electrician gives you the piece of mind that the work is done correctly, codes have been followed, and your family and home are safe.

2. What is the most common mistake that you see when a homeowner tries to complete their own electrical work?

This is simple, getting your electrical work inspected. It's not against the law to do your own electrical work but it is against the law to not have it inspected! The ESA website has more information about the code in your area and getting an inspection.

3.What piece of advise would you give someone who is thinking of adding more lighting to their home?

I always ask the customer what they are using the lighting for when adding more to a home. Is the new lighting for ambient mood lighting? Or is it to brighten up the room a bit? Are you trying to highlight certain objects or paintings? Try to think about what you are trying to accomplish with the new lighting.

4. What is the most important piece of safety advise that you can give to homeowners when it comes to electricity in their home?

If you don't understand how electricity works, do not attempt to fix it - call a professional!

And finally... What is it really like to work with Bryan and myself?

I've been working for you and Bryan for many years now and even though it may seem that we argue a lot, working with you guys is the best. We have so much fun and I love the projects we do. You two are the busiest and hardest working people I know. I think of you both more as friends than customers because of the way you treat people on and off site. There are no scripts with you guys, what you see is what you get!

Paul Rhynold is the owner of RK Electric a Baeumler Approved company and a great business to work with.

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