As the temperature is starting to decline from the balmy summer that we had, for me and the family it's the perfect time for some evening walks in the country. With younger children it is not always easy to carry out long walks in such high temperatures like we had this summer, carrying the water, snacks and stuffed animals needed to accompany the journey is like having another child onboard! So as we get ready to embrace all the Fall has to offer, I like to take this opportunity to explore the great outdoors.

Today marks the first day of fall and so we wanted to use this as an excuse to explore the outdoors. The change of seasons are always a good time to get outside, as there is so much to observe and learn, and for all of us to discuss. Why do the trees lose their leaves? How do trees grow? Which animals hybernate and why? The opportunity to learn how my children see the world, and the ability to point out new ideas or concepts to them makes me a very happy mummy.

One of my favourite memories as a kid was looking at animal footprints that had been left in the mud and dirt. I had a book of footprints that would tell me which animal the footprint belonged to. I took this everywhere when we were up north in cottage country. I found a similar book the other day in my travels and picked it up to show the kids. They weren't immediately interested, but once we took it out with us around our neighbourhood, they were all trying to find a unique footprint. We had a ton of fun! The amount of ideas that came from this were fascinating and eye-opening for me. My kids have an innate love for nature and their understanding of it is pretty high considering the amount of technology kids are now exposed to.

Our walk was so inspiring and rejuvenating that it reminded me how important these expereinces are for all of us. Not only did it give me the chance to find out more about my children's understanding of their surroundings, but I was also inspired to do this more often and use them to make each walk a way to draw on our interests and inspire us. Next time, I want to use the walk to inspire story ideas!!

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Comment by: Janis Rien on 9/22/2016 10:55:37 PM

Sarah, You truly are an awesome mother to your four gorgeous children. The scenery is beautiful where you live. Thank you for continuing to share your special family stories and photos. I enjoyed watching you and Bryan live last night! Good job! 💞😊🎬

Comment by: on 9/22/2016 9:52:29 PM

Spent most of my Spring & Fall discovering Crawford incredible jewel above Burlington !!! Completely understand the "extra backpack"....

Comment by: on 9/22/2016 9:52:24 PM

Spent most of my Spring & Fall discovering Crawford incredible jewel above Burlington !!! Completely understand the "extra backpack"....

Comment by: Amanda on 9/22/2016 2:36:35 PM

I get out in these nice weather when I can I have Asthma and have Asthma flare up s here and there ...any weather triggers it but try and go for walks with my nephews untill my sprained ankle hurts .and need my inhalers ..then we stop for rest ...

Comment by: Laura Hietalahti on 9/22/2016 1:52:40 PM

What is the book called?! I want to get it for my kiddos :) Such a great idea!

Comment by: E Palmer on 9/22/2016 12:33:47 PM

Lovely picture Sarah, and what a nice blog today to write about.
Fall is a lot of fun for our family as well. We live on an acreage and are always going for family walks with our adult kids and grandchildren. It's time well spent with them and nature that ground us and give us it seems more "energy". Well that's what my 5 year old grandson, Liam always says. Lol Have a great fall season.