The Love of Seasonal Food

Sarah Baeumler February 07, 2017 1 Comments

Not so long ago, the type of food we ate was based on seasons. Winters were based around root vegetables and hearty carbohydrates, summers were about berries and other juicy fruits. However, now that exporting and the free markets are changing our stores and buying habits, we can find almost any product year round in our local grocery store. Food is such an important part of our existence, and quality should never be jeopardized. The fact that we take it for granted is something that needs to change, and educating our children about the importance of supporting local and ethically produced food is something we can do immediately.

Therefore, it is refreshing to see that many restaurants and grocery stores are starting to realize that local, quality, seasonal products are what our diets need, and what our world requires. Treadwell restaurant in Niagara-on-the-Lake is one of those places that are embracing the delicious and varied food produce available in Ontario and Canada. Their menu is driven by the availability of their local suppliers, what's in season and the quality of the produce; and the result is spectacular.

The menu is concise and offers farm-to-table dishes that will be sure to fulfil all dietary needs and satisfy the desires of your taste buds. The small but cozy space allows you to watch the talented chefs at work, providing a transparent and ethereal experience. The delights on offer are heavily influenced by the English background of the owners, but they also include many other cuisines from Europe and North America. It is clear that the chef's ability to pair flavours is incredible, their dishes are limited by seasonal products, but they continue to design delicious meals.  

Treadwell also offers the detailed and cultured advice of a sommelier, who is able to pair a beautiful local wine to compliment your meal. We asked him to suggest an ideal wine for the month of February. He told us that red wine is a perfect companion for these cold months, and suggested a Gamay as it delivers both warmth and pleasure. The two that he pointed out were the Gamay by Malivoire Courtney's in Beamsville, ON and the Gamay from Pearl Morrissette in Jordan, ON.

For this month only, as part of our February Giveaway, you can win a meal for two, as well as a one night stay at the nearby hotel, 124 on Queen. Please click here for information on this incredible giveaway!

Seasonal, local, quality and natural foods are how our diets should be focussed, and in no way does this mean dull dishes. Just take a trip to Treadwell to discover that wonderful things can be done with products of this description. A true taste sensation!  


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