About Sarah

Sarah has been entertaining viewers worldwide for over seven years on HGTV Canada & HGTV US. She first joined her husband, Bryan, on air in 2009 as they built and designed their dream home on the hit television series, House of Bryan. Fans watched in record numbers and its overwhelming popularity lead to three subsequent seasons in following years. 

Sarah & Bryan are now back at it again as they build & renovate investment properties together with their family in tow.  This new series, Bryan Inc., will follow the journey of their lives including all of the trials and tribulations of working together. 

Sarah has worn many hats throughout the process of building the Baeumler brand, but the focal point of her efforts over the past three years has been running The Baeumler Family Foundation for Kids, a charitable organization providing renovations to families in need of accessibility, safety & security.

With a brain that is constantly questioning what she should do today, what project she should tackle next week, and what adventure Bryan has planned for their family next year, there is never a dull moment in the Baeumler household.  Sarah chooses to pour her heart and soul into every endeavour but at the end of the day, she does it all for their four children, Quintyn, Charlotte, Lincoln and Josephine.


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House of Bryan: In the Sticks

Four years have passed since Bryan and Sarah built their custom dream home in the city, and barely a few months have gone by since they completed a majestic cottage on a rugged, northern island. Always up for a challenge, Bryan and Sarah are back at building again. But this time, they’ve decided to pick up and uproot their growing family from the city to the gritty country.

While they love their city home, it turns out Bryan has always dreamed of returning to his small town roots and raising his kids in the vast, open spaces of the country. His wife Sarah on the other hand, fashions herself a city girl, as it’s all she has ever known. Watch as Sarah and Bryan go head to head on not only the vision of their new dream home, but cope with the dramatic lifestyle change, as they say goodbye to the comfortable conveniences of city life.

House of Bryan - The Final Straw

Bryan and Sarah moved to the country to build their forever home expecting to find a more laid back and simple life for their family. What they found was the complete opposite. Living on a reno site was chaotic, stressful and at times overwhelming - though Sarah and Bryan admit it was always memorable! The couple battled Mother Nature, construction chaos and each other, which meant their big project inevitably stretched into a long one. After two and a half years, the house is still not complete and in House of Bryan: The Final Straw, Bryan is turning his attention to the unfinished existing home. Never one to sit still, Bryan’s determined to complete their forever home once and for all and nothing’s going to stop him, not even his wife Sarah.